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Benefits of wet cupping

Benefits of wet cupping

  • Helps to remove stagnation in the flow of energy.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation.

Wet cupping

Wet cupping combines an acupuncture technique called bleeding with cupping.

A lancet is used to prick the skin before the cup is applied, which encourages a small amount of blood to flow from the area.

This treatment dispels internal toxins from the area and helps to recover faster and causes a toxin free space .

Benefit of fire cupping

  • Helps in Detox.
  • helps in improving the digestive system.
  • Helps to improve metabolism.

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is an alternative, non-invasive treatment technique that uses special cups placed on the skin to encourage blood flow to the areas that are damaged. This therapy is often recommended to patients suffering from muscular pain, joint pain, skin problems or respiratory disorders. While fire cupping may be recommended to patients with specific musculoskeletal conditions, it is also ideal for any patient who wishes to heal his or her soft tissue injuries and reduce overall pain and inflammation in the muscles .

Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is done by applying plastic suction cups to skin that is either dry or to which lotion has been applied. The lotion allows the Physical Therapist to glide the suction cup over the affected area providing a form of deep tissue massage. It has various benefits to it.

Types Of Cupping

Traditionally cups were made up of glass, bamboo or wood but they are not the only types of cupping. There are around 9-10 types of cupping. They are listed above:

Marks Of Cupping

The most common misunderstanding regarding one of the most powerful and beneficial after effects of Cupping, is the marks. Marks gives insight of energy movement in the body. The color and pattern of the marks depend on the level of Qi stagnation in the area, and range from a bright red to dark purple, usually lasting 3 days to a week – If there is no Qi stagnation present, there will be only a pink marking which disappears in a few minutes to a couple of hours.

PS: We have tried to make it as clear as possible in the image above about what mark describes what! hope the misunderstanding reduces 🙂 cupping-marks.