Paediatric Acupuncture

Pediatric Acupuncture
Pediatric Acupuncture

Chinese medicine has a very unique way of looking at the body. It takes into account that our body, mind and spirit are intricately connected.

It looks at what is happening overall in the body and makes sense of that using an elegant and detailed understanding of these interconnections that has been used for thousands of years.

For example, say your child gets constipated, plus itchy hot skin in the upper parts of their body and they don’t sleep well. This would be translated as stagnation in the intestines causing heat to rise in the skin.

The skin and large intestine are connected in Chinese medicine so, clearing up the intestines will help the skin to be clearer, less hot and less itchy. So, the focus would be on the intestines but there would also be attention paid directly to the skin.

The techniques we have available for your child vary according to whether they are diagnosed as being more excess or deficient in terms of their constitution. This can be done with the help of Acugraph.

For more excessive children, quick acupuncture with an extremely fine needle is the best method for treatment, where the pin is popped in and then pulled out almost straight away. It is left in longer the older they get.

For more deficient children, a warming therapy of Moxibustion is more appropriate. It feels good on their skin and it is usually well tolerated. We can also treat your child using non-invasive methods that means no needles. We use Lasers, magnets, seeds, colour therapy to bring smile back on child’s face.

We often teach the adult how to massage the child as it helps enormously with their overall wellbeing and balancing of energies.

We look at your child’s diet and tweak that to ensure they are having what they need to help them get the nutrients they need to be healthy. We look at their sleep habits, lifestyle, day care or school schedule, screen time and more to see what else we can tweak that will benefit their physical and emotional health.