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Spring Detox Program – Acushastra By Jasmine modi

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Time To Detox

Wise words by our expert herself! Thank you for explaining the entire concept in depth so that we know what we are enrolling for 🙂
One can never get enough of the benefits of Spring detox!
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Auricular Acupuncture

Hello guys! Hope we are doing well and safe! To protect ourselves from the COVID19, we need strong immunity booster tricks! Here’s a video by us at Acushastra about what points in auricular acupuncture can improve our immunity and normalisation of body’s dysfunction can be taken care of through stimulation of these points!

Dragon Moxa

Dragon moxa: Regulates nervous endocrine immune system.

(Can be done strictly under professional supervision only)

Dragon Moxa

Moxa Leaves

Bathing with moxa leaves enhances the defense ability against external pathogens.

Moxa Leaves

Intake Of Turmeric Milk

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of immune system.

Turmeric Milk - Vitamin B12