Magnet Therapy

The magnets employed at Acushastra are low power permanent magnets. They are used to channelize the energies or Chi in our body. This modality of treating is used in multiple ways at Acushastra.

It is used as palliative treatment as homecare after the needle treatment, it can be used as main treatment to children’s and adult who are extremely sensitive for needles treatment, a treatment mode for patients who are scared of needles.

At Acushastra we do online consultation in some cases where patients who are unable to come to our centre, treatment using magnets can be done at home by patient following our guidelines.

Various types of magnets are widely used like round magnets of various diameters, long magnets also called as stick magnet and ring magnet. magnets have standard colouring white and yellow. A stick magnet is flat elongated stimulator whose magnetic field lines are directed from the white end towards the yellow.

They are used to create a targeted energy flow in the correspondence area, eg: to increase large intestine peristalsis i.e constipation, a stick magnet should be positioned so that its magnetic field vector coincides with peristalsis direction and for increased peristalsis i.e loose motions the magnetic field vector should be opposite to the direction of the peristalsis.

Big and small ring magnets of different size should be used to sedate or stimulate the correspondence area. For stimulating in cases of reduced functional activity of the organ or part of the body, a magnet of white colour is placed in the centre of a yellow ring. For sedating the area with increased functional activity white ring magnet with a yellow one in the centre is used. However final choice is made on the basis the patients response.

The so called “application diagnosis” is made. The patient should be observed for several minutes after the treatment started, if after the application of magnets, the patient gets worse the magnets should be upturned/ reversed.