General Wellness

General Wellness
General Wellness

Your body has innate ability to heal when it is provided with the ideal environment. Vitality is a result of body in balance (homeostasis), that maintains its equilibrium through its ability to self-regulate.

This ability to self-regulate allows you to easily and quickly rebound from both physical and emotional insults to your well-being.

However, if your body is deprived of its ability to self-regulate, then you find yourself struggling to rebind from illnesses, accidents and stress, and you begin to suffer from a multitude of complaints.

There is a Chinese medicine that says that states “before the age 35 you cheat disease and after the age of 35 disease cheats you.”

We push our bodies hard in our youth, and because we can bounce back with ease in our twenties, we were not fully aware how this wear and tear would negatively impact our body’s ability to self-regulate and heal as we reached our late thirties and beyond.

The good news is by providing your body (on a cellular level) the optimal environment, you can prevent and often reverse this damage so your body can regain its homeostasis and its innate ability to recover and heal.

At Acushastra, we help you bring your body back into balance so it can regain its self-regulating functions that promotes longevity and vitality. Rather than the traditional symptom-based approach, we treat the person with the disease and not just the disease which is why we offer relief from many different conditions.

We have helped thousands since opening our practice in the year 1997 with our multidisciplinary approach combined with our health audit, an in-depth evaluation of your physical and emotional health using both conventional and functional medicine testing.

Our individual sessions include one or more treatments from the best combination of modern and traditional medicine such as acupuncture, naturopathy, diet therapy, lifestyle counseling, mind body stress reduction tools.