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Cigar Moxibustion

Cigar moxibustion helps to reduce back pain.

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Cosmetic Moxa

Cosmetic Moxa effective for increasing blood flow and stimulating face muscles.

Stick Moxa

Stick Moxa effective for infertility and low AMH

Rice grain Moxa

Rice grain Moxa effective for boosting immunity.

Ginger moxa

Ginger Moxa effective for hearing issues, tinnitus.

Home therapy to boost fertility

Tapping points on above acupuncture points helps to reduce anxiety and stress caused due to infertility.-Acushastra by Jasmine Modi

Home therapy to boost fertility

Massage on Acupuncture point Sp6 helps to treat reproductive health issues like PCOD, infertility.-Acushastra by Jasmine Modi

Poking infertility away

Publish pioneering successful marks on Using Acupuncture to restore Fertility By Acupuncturist Jasmine Modi.

Poking infertility away

Acutip For Hair Care

Here is a hair care tip, sit at home and make hair care handy