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Jasmine Modi

A Ph.D. holder and a gold medalist in oriental medicine, Jasmine Modi is a leading acupuncturist practising since 25yrs in Mumbai India, as a founder Director of Acushastra Private Limited which owns and operates holistic health centre.

Her patients range across various economic strata from the middle class to high end Bollywood and Television celebrities to politicians and industrialists. She regularly features in newspapers, radio talks and TV shows and have an active presence on social media and internet.

Jasmine is a co-Investigator heading the Acupuncture segment in a prestigious research project at the Tata Cancer Hospital on how Acupuncture helps in treating chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

She not only is the most popular International Lecturer in Sujok Acupuncture but also, she is repeatedly honoured to be a special resource person as lecturer at Saurashtra University.

She has so far trained 150 students in Sujok therapy and conducted talks regularly at various forums across Mumbai and India.

She divides her time between treatment, further studies, personal research as well as spreading awareness.

Jasmine Modi

It is no coincidence that four of the six letters in HEALTH are HEAL

Acupuncture is the most elegant and effective alternative therapy to most modern ailments and I am committed to not just heal my patients but also teach new minds and spread awareness in society in this field.

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years of experience in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, a vast study of majority of acupuncture has been done at our clinic. At Acushashtra we have a successful comprehensive approach to help patients regain their health in a holistic manner.

We strongly stand by the motto of being more preventive than curative for our treatments. We study the root cause of the problem and use natural remedies for curing the same. Today, as we all are worried about the side effects of treatments, one can be relieved as our treatment is drug-free. Come to us for a holistic health solution.

I view Acupuncture as a complete therapy which not only treats but heals in a holistic way. I am committed to it as my Life Mission.


Cosmetic Acupuncture Paper Presentation At Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science in Aurangabad
Obesity paper presentation at Indian academy of Acupuncture Science Aurangabad in 2012
Infertility Paper presentation at Sujok International conference Chennai
Bach Acupuncture at AAICON in Delhi 2012
HIV/Aids awareness and holistic health care lecture as a resource person in Saurashtra university in 2015
Obesity presentation at IIHMA at Hyderabad in 2010
Workshop on learning Disability at SNDT College in 2012
Thyroid disorder Presentation at AAICON in 2014 Mumbai
Dermatitis paper presentation at National symposium on Sujok therapy and Triorigin science in 2012 Rajkot
Scientific understanding of custom and traditions lecture as resource person at Saurashtra University in 2016
Sujok Pain Management lecture as resource person at Saurashtra University in 2017
Stress, anxiety and Insomnia lecture as resource person at Saurashtra University in 2019
Health and Hormones Lecture as resource person at Saurashtra University in 2019
Unlocking Emotions through Flower remedies lecture as resource person at Saurashtra University in 2016
Workshops on Acutip
Workshop on 321 program
Acupuncture awareness programs
Introduction to Sujok Acupuncture at International conference at IIHMA Goa in 2003
Talk on How to maintain our Immunity Power at Saurashtra University in 2015
Pain management Lecture demonstration at Saurashtra University in 2015


  1. 2003-Gold Medal by Indian Holistic Medical Academy.
  2. 2006-Healer in Acupuncture by Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.
  3. 2012-Healthcare Excellence award by Times Research Media.
  4. 2016-Excellence in Acupuncture Indian Academy of Acupuncture by Science.
  5. 2018-Nominated in Times Healthcare Achievement award.
  6. 2020-Acupuncture Detoxification specialist by NADA.

World of Acushastra

When you walk into this world, just your gait and tone proves enough for the doctor to understand your condition, and a conversation along-with an Acugraph enough to begin treatment.

It could be any illness, of any part of your body – Migraine or Hair loss, Respiratory or Muscular issues, Digestive or Circulatory system problems, a Slipped disc or Arthritis, you name it, Acushastra treats it – all without medication or invasive surgery. Too good to be true? Let’s delve deeper…

“The human body consists of five elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal”, says Jasmine Modi. “An imbalance of any of these elements manifests as illness, and at Acushastra, we work with Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Seed therapy, Colour therapy, Ozone therapy and Naturopathy to restore the balance”.

Tiny needles are inserted at electrically charged points on our energy meridians. This stimulates the healing response in our brain resulting in optimizing the healing of the affected organ.

At times Moxibustion (to enhance energy), or cupping (to clear blockage) is added to the treatment. The needles used are disposable, non-painful and to be retained only for 20 minutes. No side effects exist, except an off chance of hypo glycaemia for which it is advised eating well before coming for treatment.


‘The beauty of Acushastra is that it doesn’t treat symptomatically’, all problems – told or untold, start getting rectified when the affected energy gets balanced.


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