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At Acushastra, De-addiction protocol is based on famous NADA protocol. We are certified as NADA therapists.

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Paediatric Acupuncture

At Acushastra, we help you bring your body back into balance so it can regain its self-regulating functions that promotes longevity and vitality.

Spring Detox

Spring Detox

At Acushastra aim for one simple thing: to help the body do what it’s already trying to do with the help of acupuncture tools like Cupping, Acupuncture and Nutrition.

Stress Buster

Stress Buster

Acupuncture done at Acushastra improves the energy flow throughout the body and eases the symptoms of stress.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support

We at Acushastra has always stressed that a woman needs to take special care of herself during pregnancy and in the weeks following childbirth.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

At Acushastra cosmetic acupuncture is an hour process where in we insert needles for 20 minutes followed by Gua sha and cupping.

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When we were at home for a while in the quarantine period, we realized that to reach out to everyday small health problems is difficult. Acushastra has a solution to the same, our ACUTIPS book is a one-stop solution to all daily health issues one faces. It has an aid to almost all problems.

We have known since ancient traditional sciences that our body functions on 5 main elements and any imbalance in them causes some type of an ailment.

Our ACUTIP book has solutions to these small ailments with the simple use of seeds, colours, foods etc., each and every treatment in this book has been integrated in a manner that they are applicable to both, children and adults. It is a must buy, one-stop solution book for all.