Cosmetic acupuncture for wrinkles and sagging skin

There are two major ways the skin around the neck, head and face can age. The facial muscles can either become tight or they can go to sleep. When a muscle becomes tight there is a blockage of Qi and blood circulation. The needles break up the tightness while at the same time promoting Qi and blood flow.

When the muscle atrophies, it weakens and loses its tone. The muscle becomes dormant which weakens the skin and also creates stagnation. Cosmetic Acupuncture can wake up the skin, stimulating and strengthening the muscles. The skin is revitalized by increasing blood, oxygen and Qi flow to the muscles.

About Jasmine Modi

A Ph.D. holder and a gold medalist in oriental medicine, Jasmine Modi is a leading acupuncturist practicing for 25yrs in Mumbai India, as a founder Director of Acushastra Private Limited which owns and operates a holistic health center.

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