Yasmin Dhorda
Osteo Arthritis

I came to Dr. Jasmine Mody for treatment of osteoarthritis.

One day I happened to mention my indigestion problem. The fact that I was not able to eat any cooked food in the night for more than 5 yrs & that I was surviving only on cheese sandwich & a glass of milk.

In fact, if I dared to eat anything like at a party or a wedding I asked for solid trouble and would start puking till all food was out of my system. I asked her if she could help me & there was no hesitation.

She started treating me for my acidity & indigestion problem & voila within 15 days of her treatment I was able to eat nonveg food @ our Navroze Feast.

It was like MAGIC to me. She told me to go slow and eat only freshly cooked food at night but the fact that I can eat after so many yrs of suffering is itself a miracle. I am eternally grateful to her. Bless you, Jasmine

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