Shobha Bilgi
Defect of Fine Motor Functioning

Dear Dr. Jasmine,

I am Mrs Shobha Bilgi. I am 51 years old. I am a lecturer in Maths and Statistics in a college.

I had a problem of trembling in my hands especially in the fingers of my left hand ever since my childhood days. This problem affected holding and gripping things with my hands like cups,knife,glasses,spoons etc. Due to this problem, I could not take admission for BPharm, as it involved a lot of laboratory work.

I assumed that I had to adjust to this problem all my life as no doctor of allopathy or homeopathy seemed to have an effective cure for it. Most doctors classified this problem as a birth defect of fine motor functioning of the fingers. This problem remained with me till I met Dr. Jasmine Modi in February 2011.

After three or four acupuncture sessions I felt a great deal of improvement and I could use my left hand more effectively. I took two months (about 12 sessions) of treatment from Dr. Jasmine made my fingers steady and I am now able to use both my hands for holding cups, glasses, etc. This has also made me feel better and stronger.

In April 2011 I had an injury on the nail of my little finger. It looked as if the nail had come off completely. One session of acupuncture was sufficient to cure the problem.

I am grateful to Dr Jasmine for her treatment. I wish I had met you much earlier.

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