Anuraadha Tewari
Slip Disc

Jasmine Modi is not a Doctor. She is a Magician. A Healer in the truest sense. She actually cares about you. She actually wants you to heal. She challenges your illness/problem. She wants to win against it. It’s not the needles but her own pure energy and intention that heal you. Gratitude.

Of all the things that Jasmine Modi cured me of, a slipped disc was the toughest. Because it took a lot of faith for me to trust the process. A slipped disc is a physical problem, how would needles solve that without actual surgical intervention?

Yet 5 years later, here I am wearing heels again, going on treks, free of all pain . . . with 3 tips that I never forget. Don’t bend. Don’t pick up anything heavy. Don’t sit on the floor.

I live by these. I feel just fine.

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