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Credits by Jaswir Kaur for cosmetic acupuncture

Credits by Jaswir Kaur for her face glow as a result of cosmetic acupuncture by @jasminemodi.

Testimonial for cosmetic acupuncture

Women often worry about how will aging have an effect on their skin and face! Presenting a client testimonial about how cosmetic acupuncture treatment by Jasmine Modi helps in combatting the forehead lines, wrinkles and aging skin

Diagnosis Via on Acugraph

Check out stunning acupuncture diagnostic glimpse of Acupuncturist Jasmine Modi, taking an acugraph of the patient with covid safety measures. The acugraph is taken in order to detect and understand the energy flows in the body.

Diagnosis Via Acupragh

Cosmetic Acupuncture Performed With Covid Safety Measures.

Cosmetic Acupuncture performed with covid safety measures. Let’s look fresh and flawless at our festivals. We all want amazing pictures and selfies for our social media posts. Applying to make up and using various fairness creams are never enough. Whether man or woman, all of us desire to have naturally clear skin.

Acushastra presents to you cosmetic acupuncture sessions just before the festival of lights and lots of joy. Come register with us to light up your skin. Each person will be given treatment according to their skin type and personalization. And with Covid safety measures. Stay tuned for the pictures and testimonials of our current clients.

Cosmetic Acupuncture performed with covid safety measures.

Auricular Acupuncture

Hello guys! Hope we are doing well and safe! To protect ourselves from the COVID19, we need strong immunity booster tricks! Here’s a video by us at Acushastra about what points in auricular acupuncture can improve our immunity and normalisation of body’s dysfunction can be taken care of through stimulation of these points!

Dragon Moxa

Dragon moxa: Regulates nervous endocrine immune system.

(Can be done strictly under professional supervision only)

Dragon Moxa

Moxa Leaves

Bathing with moxa leaves enhances the defense ability against external pathogens.

Moxa Leaves