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Immunity booster – Neem Juice
Neem juice
Mar 25

Immunity booster – Neem Juice

Neem juice

Happy Gudi Padwa to one and all!
One more immunity booster tip for all from us at Acushastra.
Consume neem juice on a daily basis,neem is meant to help deal with the summers and makes one’s immunity stronger. It helps the body to cope with various viruses in the air. COVID 19 being the lead these days,to deal with it, let’s all pledge to do this for our health and make it a regular habit. Because we have a 21 day lockdown, we can also make this a family beverage early morning each day. Instead of tea time, let’s have a neem juice session?

Here is the recipe for the same!
Add neem leaves, sea salt, cumin seeds, ajwain and water to the juice. Grind the mixture until smooth and consume it

Prayers and love for all

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