Shweta Kumari
Acupuncture for IVF

I am a working woman with a promising career. I am married for the last 5 years and because I wanted to establish myself in the corporate world, I took up the decision to begin a journey of motherhood after 3.5 years of marriage. By that time I had turned 32 years and had absolutely no idea of what unfolded next.

We as a couple started family planning in the year 2016 and soon after trying normally for 6 months went to the gynecologist for advice. It was then that we got to know that my AMH levels were as low as 0.45. The gynaec that I was consulting with asked me to immediately go for IUI as my biological clock was ticking. Over a period of the next 1 year, we experienced 4 failed IUIs and an IVF cycle which was aborted right in the stimulation phase as the response in terms of no. of eggs required was too less. Then came the final blow from my gynaec who said that the chances for me to conceive naturally is bleak and as low as 0.01% and advised us to go for donor egg.

It was then that we surfed through the internet read multiple blogs on low AMH and came across Dr. Maalpani’s blog where he recommended practicing yoga and acupuncture. It was through his blog that I made up my mind to meet Dr. Jasmine and try one more time again.

Soon we met Dr. Jasmine who first did an accugraph to see various energy levels in my body and gave me the confidence to work on me for 3 months. We willingly took the challenge and visited her thrice every week to get the treatment in a very calming environment. Along with acupuncture, I kept practicing meditation and yoga at a personnel level to keep my confidence level high.

Dr. Jasmine paid close attention to my condition and gave me such good advice that here I am today, having conceived naturally without any medication just after 4 months of treatment. It has been a long 2-year journey towards conception for us, but All’s well that ends well. I plan to continue my treatment for the rest of the time till delivery with her.

For us, she has been a guiding light when we were left with no other option. I really thank God for having her introduced into our life.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Jasmine to any couple who are going through a testing time and have spent quite a lot of effort, time, and money to conceive for any reason whatsoever.

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