Shobana Venkat
Macular Degeneration

For the past few years, I have been suffering because of a dent in my macular tissue. It creates distortions in my vision and hampers my daily activity quite a bit. After consulting multiple doctors and eye specialists a few times in the past, I was apprehensive about using possible invasive methods.

I heard about Dr. Jasmine Modi and decided to give alternative medicine a shot. I have been getting friendly with the needle for the past year now. I have been going once or twice a week punctually and “seeing” results which are very encouraging.

The constant pain and swelling in the eyes are not there anymore. I am able to do my daily activities with considerably less stress in my eyes. There is still some way to go. The distortions are still present though less, the treatment so far has encouraged me to believe that acupuncture will cure it completely. Just have to stay the course.

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