Sharanya Kanwar
Foot Drop

This is in appreciation of the Acupuncture treatment by Jasmine Modi (Amber Health Centre, Andheri-W, Mumbai) to my daughter Sharanya Kanwar (12 yrs old).

One day in the middle of June 2008, my daughter’s school called us by phone to inform us that she was falling very frequently while walking/running. We noticed that she had suddenly started dragging her left foot while walking. Her left foot was always pointing downwards and she could not bring it to a horizontal position. It seemed that she had lost control of some movement of her left foot. We consulted a Neuro-physician who advised a nerve conduction test. This test diagnosed that my daughter was suffering from a condition called ‘Foot Drop’. There are many frightening and serious reasons for this condition. In my daughter’s case, the cause was not too serious. A nerve between her left knee and foot, which controls the muscle movement of the ankle, had been damaged.

Why and how it happened is debatable. The most likely reason seems to be that back of her leg on/around the area behind the knee joint got pressed against something hard, probably while sitting on a chair. Nerves passing through this area of the body are very near the skin surface and are not well protected by muscles. One nerve was pressed for a long time and was damaged from the knee downwards.

Doctors prescribed physiotherapy which we started immediately. We were assured that her body will regenerate the damaged nerves. Physiotherapy was required only to exercise calf and ankle muscles so that these do not get stiff. Progress of regeneration was extremely slow understand a few millimeters per day. There was no apparent improvement in her gait.

One family friend, a homeopathic doctor, suggested Acupuncture treatment and referred us to Jasmine Modi. I was quite apprehensive of starting this course of treatment as I did not have much knowledge of it. I expressed my feelings to Dr. Modi. She explained how acupuncture treatment works and assured me that my daughter’s condition can be completely cured by this treatment in about 12 to 15 sittings. I was highly impressed by her confident, calm nature and decided to start treatment on the same day. 3 needles were inserted on my daughter’s left leg, feet, and hand for about 30 minutes. To my surprise, she felt very little pain. We noticed some improvement after the first sitting.

Thereafter my daughter went for treatment every alternate day. A number of needles inserted on her body varied between 6 and 14. Her condition slowly improved and she is now absolutely normal after about 2 months (24 acupuncture sittings).

We continued Physiotherapy exercises along with the Acupuncture treatment. It is my firm belief that both Acupuncture and Physiotherapy helped in my daughter’s recovery I often accompanied my daughter for her acupuncture treatment and was amazed at the wide variety of ailments for which people were consulting Dr. Modi. One case which stands out is of an elderly lady who had a fall in the bathroom and had hurt herself very badly. On her first consultation, she could not walk without assistance and was heavily supported by her husband. Taking 2 steps up leading to the clinic was a huge effort. I saw her again after 4/5 days walking, albeit slowly, to the clinic by herself. No husband, no support.

I am extremely impressed by Jasmine Modi’s professional capability and her soft, smiling yet a strict way of handling the patients. I wish her the very best and I am certain she will make many hearts happy.

by: Captain Jitender S Kanwar (father of the patient)

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