Shalini Bhatia
Flatulence, Hernia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Reflux, Stress Management

I trusted a friend’s advice to consult with Dr.Jasmine Modi and I have now been a patient of acupuncture for less than 5 weeks.

In my first visit, Dr.Modi keenly observed me at various levels and 5 minutes later she was clear about what my issues were and decided to start with de-stressing sessions.

This was something I did not even realize was part of my problem. In the following sessions, Dr.Modi went on to deal with my various issues (Colic, Hiatus Hernia, Reflux, Flatulence, Irritable Bowels, Back Injury pain, Alopecia, Sinus, Obesity & bad quality of sleep).

The difference I feel in this short span is nothing less than a miracle! After the first session itself, I have been sleeping restfully. Gradually sinus headaches are gone, back feels great, reflux is very minimal, bowels clear quite well, flatulence is lesser & colic/hernia hardly bother me anymore.

The two main big ones ‘ Alopecia & Obesity are next and Modi has confidently charted the course of treatment for the same.

Usually, any quick-fix treatments come with huge costs & side effects, but I can safely say acupuncture is risk-free & definitely worth the price.

When I see aged patients queuing up to bear several needle pricks it’s a big testimony of the relief that they must feel.

I can’t thank my friend enough for urging me to see Modi. I am certain that I will soon write more success stories of my fitter self.

With best wishes & glorious success to Modi,

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