Seema Zaveri
Acupuncture for IVF

I was advised to start a course of acupuncture with Dr. Jasmine Modi to counteract the side effects of my IVF treatment and to put it simply. it was the best thing I could ever have done.

My body needed all the ammunition it could get to protect me from this strong treatment,  especially since I developed a few problems soon after I started IVF, I contracted an ovarian cyst between two cycles, and my prolactin was higher than the desired amount. Under her expert care, however, the cyst reduced in size, and no intervention was needed. Dr. Modi also managed to bring my prolactin back to normal without medication, regulate my hormones and improve not only my lining (which became thick and triple lined) but also the quality of my eggs to such a great extent that they made it to the blastocyst stage and were all A grade which was very welcome news indeed! All thanks to Dr. Modi and her magic touch!

I would highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Modi to anybody who is going through infertility treatment. In addition to its numerous medical benefits in combating side effects, acupuncture is so relaxing that it also helps to significantly reduce stress and keep you feeling full of energy. I found myself bouncing back far quicker than I would have otherwise. And all these benefits are enhanced even further when you have someone like Dr. Modi by your side every step of the way her positivity and calm, reassuring nature was a huge source of support for me throughout this entire roller coaster journey.

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