Sanjay Shah
Ligament Tear, Sports Injury

On Jan 2nd, 2007 while playing cricket had a bad fall while going for a tight 2nd run.

The fact that I would miss the tournament turned out to be no big deal when doctors said that I should forget competitive sports involving racket as my shoulder ligament had been severely damaged.

My color bone reaching my shoulder joint had protruded way out and looked very bad. X-rays and MRI confirmed that there was a ligament tear. All the consultations with orthopedic doctors suggested that I should go in for surgery, 4 months rest, and forever forget sports.

At the last minute, I by chance had a talk with Jasmine and she assured me of treating my shoulder. They were the same pins that had helped me from many injuries like Tennis Elbow, knee problems, and lower back stress.

The treatment took around 2-3 months which included current therapy. I could see my protruded shoulder getting into shape though slowly but surely.

The treatment gave me such a boost that I was on the tennis court in April itself and my friends could not see any difference in my game nor my attitude which is always to go out and win.

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