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Allergy, Cholesterol, Tendonitis

I was having pain in my right elbow due to which I was not able to lift even half kg of weight. I was in great pain. I was also suffering from severe allergies. Since 15 years was due to sour things in food of lemon, tomatoes, curd, sour fruits, tamarind, mango powder, anything containing citric acid, outside eatables, etc and so on the list continues. It was a thought I could not even touch them. An allergy would come in form of severe swelling all over my body, itching, eczema patches, acidity, etc. I had taken all types of treatment i.e. allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, etc, but nothing seemed to help me.

The only remedy was to take the anti-histamine drug. One day a family friend suggested me to Jasmine Modi for acupuncture treatment. During the consultation, she wrote my entire case history and then started with treatment. She inserted some 4-5 needles in hand and asked me to sit for 30 mts with the needle. After such 7-8 sessions the pain in my right arm was completely cured and I was able to lift the weight. After seeing the results we also started treatment for allergy Dr. Modi informed us that it will at least take 6-7 months of treatment. We started with the treatments. I had to visit her clinic thrice a week. Initially, for 3 months there was no noticeable improvement but from 4th month. She asked me to eat tomatoes and then curd.

To my surprise, allergies from these things were cured. 5th months. She asked me to take one full lemon in a glass of water. I was scared to do that as even a few drops of lemon would aggravate my condition. But after her assurance. I started taking lemon in the morning before coming for the treatment and nothing happened. To my pleasant surprise, I was cured of my allergy I could eat anything and everything I wished to. This treatment has done wonders. My treatment continued for further two months. It’s almost one year since. I stopped the treatment and I still have no allergy problem.

Four-month back I had gone for a complete medical check-up. My cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I again took acupuncture treatment. After two months all my levels are well within limits.

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