Ruchi Chandrakant Pandit
Cheese Allergy

I am writing this on behalf of my daughter who is now 19 years old. The following incident took place about 18 years back.

When she was crawling at age (8/9 months) I gave her a piece of bread/butter/cheese spread to eat, because she liked it I kept giving her more. Within few minutes her eyelids, ear lobes, lips swole up. She started sneezing, crying and developed a rash on her stomach. It was very frightening to see her like that.

Luckily our family doctor came immediately and asked me what I gave her to eat? When I told him, he said she got a cheese allergy, never give her cheese at all.

When she became 4/5 years old things became very difficult for me, as we used to go abroad I had to read ingredients of all foods I gave her to eat very minutely, it became a real pain. Imagine pizza without cheese and many other dishes.

During that period, I met Dr. Jasmine Modi (at her old clinic next to shoppers stop) when I told her about the allergy condition, she very confidently told me we can cure it with acupuncture treatment.

Although I was very relieved, I was scared will my daughter take in needles at that age? Will it pain her? She then assured me that it won’t pain at all, and we can distract her while i am giving needles to her.

Within a month, she was cured of the cheese allergy. Within no time she was able to eat all types of cheeses. I decided to write this after so many years, as we did not visit her in between. It has been a great pleasure to know her and about this wonderful treatment, she gives countless patients. She has definitely progressed to the top with acupuncture.

With lots of Best Wishes,

Mohini C Pandit

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