Qaeed Kuwajerwala
Lower Back, Spondylosis

Dr. Jasmine Modi, I can never thank you enough for changing my life . . . for the better!

I underwent surgery for spondylitis on my lower back ( L5 over S1) when I was 24. Post my surgery I always suffered a stiff back and had pain in my right leg. I tried everything from allopathy to Ayurveda but nothing helped ease my pain. My job required me to be physically active and the pain was a constant hindrance.

I happened to come across Dr. Jasmine’s name and I went without any expectations. Her calm and friendly demeanor put me at ease and I began to experience relief within two weeks from the pain that I was living with for 14 years !! I started to feel better and work better. I became more active and within two months of treatment, the pain soon became a past memory. Dr. Jasmine was kind enough to accommodate my erratic work schedules and worked around them.

Since then I have recommended Dr. Jasmine Modi blindly to anyone who is suffering from anything! Whatever your problem is Dr. Jasmine has a cure !!

Once again a very heartfelt thanks and gratitude, Dr. Jasmine for curing me when just about everything failed. I cherish your presence in my life as my doctor and my friend. God bless.

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