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Acupuncture for IVF
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We were having difficulties in conceiving and decided to go for IVF treatment. My Dr. Firuza Parikh recommended us to take acupuncture sessions along with IVF for better results & she suggested Dr. Jasmine Modi. Acupuncture has helped us in each n every stage of our treatment. Following is my own experience at various stages.

1) We were surprised to see with the help of acupuncture n red color therapy my eggs started growing faster which wasn’t even achieved by higher hormonal dosage.

2) With acupuncture, my linning was v good and we had a transfer in d same month whereas a lot of couple’s transfer was postponed to next month.

3) There was an imbalance in my reproductive energy bcos of hormonal injections but after magnet therapy by Dr. Modi. My body was balanced n ready for implantation.

4) Apart from a better quality of eggs n linning, it has also helped me in reducing stress.

I would recommend each n every1 should take acupuncture along with IVF treatment. It has a lot of benefits and no side effects.

Lastly, we are thankful to Dr. Modi for her special care and warmth for us in each n every moment.

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