Nitika Agrawal
Acupuncture, Colour Therapy
Hormonal Imbalance, Natural Conception

After my miscarriage 3 yrs ago I started having a lot of hormonal issues. It is then a friend recommended Dr. Jasmine Modi to me.

I wanted to conceive naturally but was also undergoing treatment with a Gynaec. Dr Modi would patiently listen to my issues and kept guiding me with what more I could do with the treatment whether it was color therapy, diet, or even emotional care.

After a point, I stopped going to the Gynaec and Dr. Modi helped me calm down and not focus on conception and helped me pick up my normal life.

It was then that I conceived naturally for 3 months. She has been a great support throughout my pregnancy too. I am grateful to her for being supportive in my journey to becoming a mother.

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