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I was referred to Dr. Modi by my gynecologist as I had severe hormonal imbalance leading to irregular periods. I hadn’t conceived as yet so this was a major problem.

At first, I was skeptical about how alternative medicine could help but I was at a point that I was willing to try anything that could help me eventually conceive. When I first met Dr. Modi, she was so positive and sure that she could help me (of course in time) that I was sure that if I started this I had to put my full faith in it. Once my imbalance was sorted we worked for conceiving and there was a time that I had lost all hope and was so emotionally drained that Dr. Modi not only gave me advice as my Dr. But as a friend!

Her advice was to stop trying and just go for a holiday and not to think about conceiving at all. I did exactly that and a month later I conceived my first baby! The joy had no limit and I am ever so grateful to Dr. Modi!

She was the only Dr from all the ones I had met, and trust me it’s a long list, that believed I could heal and conceive naturally once my imbalance was sorted. I am forever indebted to her.

After Birth

At birth, my daughter was diagnosed with TAPVC and was operated on at 6days of age. I was helpless and clueless as in what just happened to my little baby girl.

The Drs sorted the problem 5months post-surgery they realized scar tissue was forming and the pressure on the heart was increasing. All the Drs suggested a second surgery.

We wanted her to be a little older before she would have to go through another surgery. I could not think of having any other dr help her other than Dr. Modi, as she had helped me with my health issues. I had started acupuncture with my daughter and she was so amazing with my baby and so gentle.

We eventually had to do the surgery as that was the only way but Dr. Modi helped in keeping the symptoms at bay.

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