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Acupuncture for IVF
Conceiving, Hormonal Imbalance, IVF, Stress Management

We were introduced to Dr. Jasmine by my gynecologist and since the day I’ve met her the only thought that comes to my mind is that why did I not meet her much earlier in my life but then better late than never.

I had gone through 2 laparoscopic surgeries for the removal of fibroids and a failed IVF cycle before I met her and had a lot of hormonal imbalance.

In my first acugraph she told me that my reproductive energies were 90% high and the only reason for me to not conceive was a lot of stress. I could not agree anymore since I knew somewhere that I was stressed about what my body had gone through and what was going to happen.

After I started treatment I could not be very regular since I was also traveling a lot and in that time we attempted another IVF cycle which also failed. After that to our much disappointment, our IVF doc suggested its time we opt for surrogacy as according to him my uterus was not strong enough for pregnancy and we were only wasting our time.

We were back to Dr. Jasmine, she sat us down and assured us that it wasn’t impossible for me to conceive, we were on the verge of giving up but she did not, all she wanted from me was 3 months of regular treatment.

Since then only a month and a half had passed and my reproductive system had already started responding to treatment so well that my entire system turned around, my uterus lining became thick and strong, the fibroids around the uterus automatically moved away. Since then life has been a miracle for us, we have successfully conceived with the help of acupuncture and IVF.

We are 12 weeks pregnant now and continuing with acupuncture.

If Thank you is the greatest prayer then I want to Thank God for bringing Dr. Jasmine into our life and making it better.

She has not just been a doctor to me, she has been my biggest support in the last 1 year, she helped me come out of my stress and enjoy my life to the fullest. Her treatment is not only scientific but also holistic.

She has inspired me and motivated me. I cannot thank her enough in words, all I can say is May God Bless her and be with her to change many more lives for the better.

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