Jay Patel
Knee Aches

On a visit to see my parents in India, I visited Jasmine Modi’s clinic. She came highly recommended however since I did not have any health issues I went for a general check-up. I had a graph is taken which gave me a snapshot of my health condition and on her recommendation, I started treatment in good faith.

During my several visits to her clinic, I asked her to treat pain in my knee which I developed a couple of years prior. She managed to treat my knee aches within a couple of sessions.

It was not until I left India that I noticed the positive health benefits of the acupuncture sessions I had in India.

I am now back in 2013 and my first stop was Jasmine’s office, I believe she has great skill but above all, she has a gift to cure people with various different ailments.

I would highly recommend seeing her even if you are a skeptic, I believe you too can benefit from her profession and skill. The earlier a problem is dealt with the better the chances for her to assist you.

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