Acupuncture for Infertility

Dr. Jasmine’s focused and caring treatment helped me achieve our goal. I had an ectopic pregnancy post which conceiving naturally chances were low and we were even looking at going on for an IVF. But due to planned treatment received from Dr.Jasmine, I was able to conceive naturally.

In midst of pregnancy, the 10th-week anomaly scan came out as a worry which needed quick attention. Dr jasmine was very kind and prompt in dealing with the case and planned treatment for rectifying the problem. After retaking the test after few weeks the problem was sorted and reports came out normal.

During the entire treatment, I was parallelly treated for BP, stress, back pain, and low amniotic fluid which kept me in good health and contributed to my overall betterment.

I strongly suggest that your approach has to be disciplined and leave the rest to Dr. Jasmine. Very thankful to her for whatever she did for us.

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