Harish Goswami
Asthma, Depression, Diabetes, Hypertension, Migraine, Obesity, Prostate, Slip Disc, Thyroid

A year back I was on 54 medicines, 90 units of insulin. My sugar readings were fasting 250 and post-lunch 400 – 600. High BP, thyroid, migraine, and weight were 116kg, depression, asthma, prostate, slip disc. I was in such a terrible state that I could not even walk 2-3 steps. Had lost interest in life and was hopeless about the future.

Today after a year with Dr. Modi my weight is 80 kg (lost 36kg). My medication is 1 tab for BP, diabetes, thyroid with a reduced dosage (from 250mg to 100mg), and a multivitamin total of 4 medicines with no insulin at all.

Today I am full of zeal and enthusiasm in life and look forward to the future. I am totally cured.

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