Gopi Chawla
Smoking Addiction

I used to smoke close to 20 cigarettes a day for more than 30 years & could never imagine a life without a cigarette or the rituals that go with smoking. Every smoker I think wants desperately to get rid of this dangerous habit. I used to off & on think about giving it up but was too daunted by all the scary stories of withdrawals to seriously try.

One day I bumped into one of my neighbors who randomly mentioned that she had recently given up smoking with the help of acupuncture. I asked her for the name and number of the doctor.

When I made the appointment with Dr. Modi I had no idea how it would work or whether I was even ready to finally give up smoking. I went for my first session with huge interest & curiosity about what would happen, but without any real expectations.

When I walked into the clinic for my first consult I was struck with how clean & quiet it was & how efficiently it was being managed by the staff. I met with Dr. Modi who seemed very sure that she could help me, that I would be successful in giving up cigarettes for good that inspired a lot of confidence in me.

When I mentioned all the fears I had about withdrawals she calmly told me not to worry, she would take care of all that. She did not insist that I stop smoking right away, she just laid down some guidelines like cutting each cigarette in half and smoking one half at a time.

Automatically that would cut down my consumption in half. She put several needles in my ear & one on the crown of my head. That needle on my crown made me feel as if my spirits had lifted almost tangibly, my whole being soared & lightened. I cannot explain it, I will never forget that sensation, it was magical. From that day onwards my life changed. I didn’t even smoke half of what I was permitted to, I didn’t feel like it. I also felt hugely uplifted & happy.

I went back to Dr. Modi the next day & then three times the following week. By the end of that week I was smoking 3 to 5 half cigarettes and then the following week after a total of 7 sessions I quit. 6 days after I stopped smoking I went on holiday for 10 days.

I was nervous about taking a break from the acupuncture so soon after but Dr. Modi told me not to worry. She put some pins in my ear which stayed in all through my holiday till I got back and resumed my treatment.

I had my last cigarette on the 12th of Oct 2012. Even as I write this I cannot believe it, the effortless, easy way it happened, without any major withdrawal. It has now been 3 months since I’ve stopped and I’m still in shock at being a non-smoker.

Subsequently, my husband has also given up with Dr. Modi’s help and my parents & many of my friends go to Dr. Modi for resolution of their health issues. All of us are better off for her treatment.

Dr. Modi is extraordinary. She is not just an acupuncturist but a healer who intuitively connects with all of us who go to her for help. She knows just the right thing to do & is so dedicated & committed to her patients.

I thank you my dear Dr. Modi from the bottom of my heart for helping me lead a more healthy & happy life, for believing I could beat it, and for the dedicated & caring way you look after me. You have truly been a blessing and I will never forget you.

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