Chemotherapy side-effects

When I was diagnosed with cancer it sent shock waves throughout me. It was a little hard to accept. I was in so much pain every night I needed a pain killer before I could sleep.

There was constant fever and weakness I could barely get up. That’s when I approached Jasmine Modi. She has been treating my family for many years for various illnesses.

She was responsible for bringing my grandmother out of the ventilator when she had pneumonia. I started visiting her every day. Within 2 days I stopped taking painkillers. Within a week I could start walking again.

On her advice, I went ahead with the conventional treatment of chemotherapy but I continued visiting her to control my side effects. I dealt with the effects surprisingly well. Within 3 months which is half the cycle, I was already cancer-free. Her treatment helped me control nausea and remove the toxins from my body much faster than it should. It helped me strengthen my immunity and I could lead a normal life for almost all the days during the treatment. It was so effective that my body would feel the need for her medicine.

At the end of the treatment, my oncologist was genuinely surprised by how well I managed to tolerate chemotherapy. After 12 cycles I still had quite a bit of my hair. I was fit and my heart and lungs which they were expecting would be damaged were healthy as ever. Jasmine helped me survive cancer much easier than I could have.

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