Deepa Koppikar
Acupuncture for Infertility

Respected Dr. Jasmine,

My name is Deepa Koppikar, I live in Andheri, working as a pre-primary teacher. During our class children’s day celebrations, I sprained my foot very badly in the month of Nov-2009. Later the pain aggravated resulting in sciatica and hence I rushed to Dr. Jasmine Modi. With acupuncture treatment, I was back to work within10 days. As I was taking the treatment for my foot, Dr. also realized that I had not come out of the trauma due to my father’s sudden accidental death in the same year and so she started treating me for my emotional block. I was not able to sleep at night and had continuous stress of dealing with the paperwork and taking care of my mother. Dr. Jasmine’s treatment helped me to de-stress and also overcome my trauma in a very short time. I am very grateful to her that I could get back to positive thinking.

While going through these treatments, I mentioned to Dr. about the infertility treatments that I was taking. Being married for 10 years we were trying for a baby for a long. As soon as I mentioned IVF to Dr.Jasmine, she said that acupuncture works well with IVF and will help us in getting positive results. I was thrilled to hear that and with my Dr.’s permission, I started with acupuncture for IVF. Dr. first took my graph and checked the energy levels in the reproductive area. These energy levels were very low, so she started working on them instantly. Then during the IVF treatment, Dr treated me for getting good quality eggs as well as worked on the uterus lining. The results were very fast and on my first cycle I got good quality eggs, good lining but unfortunately, the cycle failed.

During the IVF treatments and immediately after, the egg collection operation I had no problem in overcoming the anesthesia, thanks to Dr. Jasmine. The pain and side effects of Injections had vanished and I was facing the treatment smoothly. It was like acupuncture going hand in hand with the IVF treatment and it plays wonders.

I had heard from patients undergoing IVF that they get mood swings, throw fits of anger, and very negative behavior due to the failure in the cycle. But for me, I was lucky to be treated by Dr. Jasmine. Acupuncture played an important role in facing the negative results too and I was not stressed or disappointed. Dr. was very positive and that helped me to get back to start a fresh cycle. She continuously boosted my positive energy and helped me to stay healthy in every circumstance.

Dr. Jasmine was treating me day and night and her persistent efforts brought good luck to us. Now, I got pregnant with twins and I am very thankful to Dr. Jasmine Modi.

I would like to tell all the girls who are going through IVF treatments, that with acupuncture its very easy to face the treatment and they must go for acupuncture alongwith IVF to achieve positive results.

Acupuncture with IVF is very common in the USA, but in Mumbai, now, we are lucky to have Dr. Jasmine Modi who is an expert in this field.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. who has given me the pleasure of being pregnant.

May GOD bring loads of Success to Dr. Jasmine Modi.

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