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Doctor With Her Needles D Best Gift

Hi, my name is Kiran and I know JASMINE MODI for 1n a half years. You know she’s one of d best gifts I had got on my birthday I mean it was my birthday d day I meet JASMINE MODI, I and my dad got my mom to MODI’s center for the treatment. I love my MOM my world is my parents and since 2yrs I had seen my mom in great pain through tests. We had come to know that she has OSTEO ARTHRITIS. We took her to the best doctor for treatment but she was told to just have calcium tablets n exercise. She was told not to sit on the floor or climb steps. She couldn’t stand for a very long time had to avoid a lot of things and take care of and her knee use to always pain and she uses to take pain killer 3 times a day. Her condition was very bad and difficult to believe to see her that way because I had always seen her very active n later things changed n had become worst for her.

TILL 6 MONTHS things were the same and then looking at my mom condition my dad decided and through somebody’s suggestion we took her to some AYURVEDIC DOCTOR because it has helped many to cure but in my mom case AYURVEDIC TREATMENT WAS BAD n so many restrictions n my mom used to eat 20 apx tablets in 1 time means 60 in a day. It was like having chana and singdana.

This treatment was not good and gave her side effects, my mom’s full leg was swollen and then slowly her body. She looked overweight this gave my mom tension and slowly she developed High BP. We removed her x-ray just to know how bad her case is but the doctor said her case is serious that was shocking I mean after having so many treatments and medicines she had become bad. We thought we might have to go for an operation and my mom was scared because she didn’t want to do any treatment further as she was tired she was also depressed n thought will never recover.

THEN 1 DAY my dad’s very good friend told us about JASMINE MODI. There was hardly any hope left and we showed my mom and her recent x-ray to the doctor and she said the case is not so bad to get treated and she said my mom will be fine. My mom had pain all over d body and it was swollen. We could not see her knee, her leg was so bad that she couldn’t wear her chappal. She used to wear mine and when the doctor said she will be fine we were just having a last hope.

The first-day treatment was successful and my mom felt that her pain was less than her everyday pain. By the end of the week, her pain had 50% reduced. JASMINE said MY MOM the only doctor to say her to eat everything to walk and climb steps and sit down. This helped my mom. She recovered really very fast. She was back active and happy. She also controlled her BP and her body was back to normal. All the gas was released and her body was normal. She last weight my mom was very happy.

THE 2nd important thing I would like to say is my mom was suffering from ASTHMA for more than 20 yrs every year and change of climate or dust use to give her asthma attack previously doctors had said. Now it won’t be cured but only controlled by a heavy dose of ANTIBIOTICS and INJECTIONS.

SHE USE TO HAVE INHALERS ALL THE TIME, SHE HAD ALLERGIC ASTHMA. My mom was not able to eat quite a lot of things like spinach or doodhi and urad dal etc. Most of all she was very badly allergic to LIME (limbo) EVEN IF SHE USES TO CATCH THE LIME IN HER HAND SHE USE TO START SNIZZING N GET slowly whizzing and it uses to be different for her to breathe. BUT now she is fine and all thanks to a million to DR. MODY FOR HER ASTHMA TREATMENT TOO FOR MY MOM which helped her so much that the things which she couldn’t do she could do and eat what she was scared that she might get an attack bcoz of n now she drinks lime jus every day with no problem.

We are so thankful to JASMINE MODY bcoz my mom has had no ARTHRITIS PROBLEM N NO ASTHMA ATTACK for 1 and a half years. She is fit and loves to go for the treatment and even if we r on a holiday or out of town my mom has no problem whether it’s climate or outside food or anything. She is FIT N MAINTAINED BACK VERY HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY.

Well, I am not behind my mom but looking at my mom getting well I too did my skin allergy treatment then my mom but looking at my mom getting well I too did my skin allergy treatment from MODI. I just had a rash on my hand due to imitation jewelry and with her treatment, my allergy and scars had gone and now I can wear all sorts of jewelry n leather watches which I had stopped. Now for any treatment v come to MODI ONLY.

THAT’S why I say she is the best gift I rather WE could have got for my BIRTHDAY.


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