Anshu Sinhal
Conceiving, Overall Health, Smoking Addiction

My interest in acupuncture came from a TV show. I googled to read about it and came across this website. I have never been a believer in alternative medicine but its popularity in the west attracted me.

The first name that came up was Dr.Jasmine and I wanted to try it. I primarily went there to quit smoking and lead a better healthier life. In just 4-5 sessions I started to feel better, my urge to smoke disappeared on its own. I slept better, my skin was fresher and I could think more clearly. I was on heavy medications as I had recently undergone a myomectomy. She motivated me to stop all medicines and lead a happy healthy life.

Both my husband and I were really confused about starting a family. Going to Dr.Jasmine motivated us to take one step forward and today we are parents to a 7-month-old baby boy.

As I was 34 when I conceived I had several issues in the first trimester. Acupuncture helped me to get out of bed rest and have a healthy happy pregnancy. Dr, Jasmine played a key role in making my 9 months memorable and normal.

Dr. Jasmine’s session helped me in just 3 months of time to completely turn around my health and mind state.

Thank you doctor for all your guidance and support.

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