Ajit Sthalekar
Varicose Veins & Ulcer

Mine is a classic example of a medical case where lesser-known acupuncture treatment in India given to me by Dr. Jasmine Modi has scored over other known medical treatments like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic & Surgical & Laser Operations. I was suffering from Foot Ulcer in both legs & Vericose Veins problem resulting in acute pain & swelling in both legs since 1996. I was earlier treated by several top doctors & three reputed surgeons in Lilavati & Jaslok Hospital for laser operation and also plastic surgery. Since I was not cured, I was fed up with life due to torturous pain which was unbearable. Thereafter by chance, I got introduced to Modi who is a gold medallist.

In fact, I had no clear idea about Acupuncture treatment but as a last resort with full faith & sincerity, I requested Dr.Jasmine Modi to help me avoid amputation of legs by her treatment. Dr was very much confident of curing me despite my previous record of failures. She accepted my case as a challenge and assured me not to worry about the cure. Since last year, I have been regularly getting treatment and she has cured my left leg & 3 open ulcers are closed now. As far my right leg, one very big ulcer of 1.5-inch x 1-inch size was remaining open with watery things coming out from it continuously.

Now I am really happy to state that my big ulcer which even a plastic surgeon could not close by drafting skin from my other leg is now after an acupuncture treatment has almost closed & watery discharge and swelling has become very less. Now I am confident that Dr. Jasmine Modi has converted me from being physically handicapped to a normal person by avoiding amputation of legs. I am grateful to her.

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