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Sur Samvaad
Apr 12

Sur Samvaad


Sur Samvaad 2glf 89.3 FM - Sydney, Australia


Aradhana Bhatt                                        

Aired On

~ 12th April, 2009 15:00-16:00 EST



Accupuncture is widely known as a Chinese remedy and is rapidly gaining reputation as an alternative mode of therapy for many ailments. Dr Jasmine Modi of Mumbai is a reputed Accupuncturist and holds a Ph.D in oriental medicine. She is a founder member of Indian Forum of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Science and also a member of various organizations such as Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science, Indian Holistic Medical Academy, FICCM etc. In this informative interview with Aradhana, she discusses the origins, the principles and the side-effects of Accupuncture.

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