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Scientific Importance of Holi.
Mar 01

Scientific Importance of Holi.

Holi- In spite of being such a colorful festival, there are various aspects of Holi which makes it so significant for our lives.

It’s time for the change in weather from winter coldness to summer hotness leading to a growth of various bacteria’s and viruses causing fever, cold cough, and many more illness. Hence when the Holika is burnt, the temperature of the nearby area raises up to 50-60 Celsius.

Following the tradition when people perform Parikrama around the bonfire, the heat coming from the fire kills the bacteria in the body and the atmosphere and cleanse it.

Earlier people also used to put Neem leaves in the bonfire so that it kills the bacteria in the atmosphere as well.

According to five element energies summer brings along energies of joy, playful spirit, hence we welcome summer by playing with colors. Mostly with ‘Gulal’ which is red in color.

Acupuncture has five healing colors.

On the emotional level:

Red color brings joy.
Yellow color adds anxiety
White or brown colors are used in depression.
The black color is for fear.
The green color is for anger.

So, we need to thank our forefathers who started the trend of celebrating Holi at such a scientifically accurate time.

And, also for incorporating so much fun in the festival.

Wishing you all a very happy Holi.

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