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Happy Vasant Panchami
Feb 10

Happy Vasant Panchami

Spring – the season of renewed universal energy is upon us. Characterized by rejuvenated energies, it is only natural that it follows winter – the time our bodies accumulate and store nutrients. Much like the spring bloom, our body is poised to be at its best.

On the physical level it is good to exercise more frequently and wear loose fitting clothing. Emotionally, it is good to become calm and peaceful. The various forms of living if taken care of well, help us revitalize ourselves and eliminate the negativity from our body. The defining color of the season is green. Consumption of greens make it even better for the bodily processes to eliminate the unrequited nutrients. Any form of detox during this time enables the bodyís natural defenses making it ready for the rest of the year.

During spring, heavenly energy descends and the earthly energy rises. This intercourse leads to the acceleration of the bodily functions and aids the metabolic processes to work efficiently. Spring detox prepares the body to be ready and fight for the rest of the year.

The process of detox enhances the overall† body functioning and movements. In order to take care of the cleansing process, we, at ACUSHASTRA are introducing a DETOX program wherein we will be conducting cupping sessions, needle detox, green juice etc. also a set of guidance will be provided about how to enhance your lifestyle according to the season.

Acushastra wishes one and all a happy vasantpanchami!


vasant panchami

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