Diagnosis Via on Acugraph

Check out stunning acupuncture diagnostic glimpse of Acupuncturist Jasmine Modi, taking an acugraph of the patient with covid safety measures. The acugraph is taken in order to detect and understand the energy flows in the body.

Diagnosis Via Acupragh

About Jasmine Modi

A Ph.D. holder and a gold medalist in oriental medicine, Jasmine Modi is a leading acupuncturist practicing for 25yrs in Mumbai India, as a founder Director of Acushastra Private Limited which owns and operates a holistic health center.

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1 thought on “Diagnosis Via on Acugraph”

  1. Good morning,
    My colleague has kidney failure and has been on dialysis for two years. She is late mid / fifties – do you have any experience with acupuncture treatment for this?? She is resident in Zimbabwe and will be coming to Mumbai shortly.

    Thank you.


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