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AcuTip for ‘CERVICAL Spondylitis’
Jun 11

AcuTip for ‘CERVICAL Spondylitis’

Cervical spondylitis is a result of compression or irritation of nerves and blood vessels by the protruding and degenerative inter-vertebral disc(s), it is characterized by pain, soreness and numbness of neck, shoulder, and upper arm. Paralysis of limbs, and vertigo may be found in severe cases. For most cases, nonsurgical treatments are preferred to surgical intervention; acupuncture treatment is receiving increasing emphasis as nonsurgical treatment.

According to acupuncture obstruction in the energy flow is one of the reason to cause cervical spondylitis. So according to sujok acupuncture cervical region corresponds to the second phalange of the thumb. With the help of probe we try to find the most painful point, which is the area where there is obstruction in the energy flow. Life force within Green seeds To remove energy obstruction we tie a green seed on the point. The life force within green seeds help to remove energy obstruction.

Acupuncture is considered a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force ó known as qi or chi (CHEE). This energy is believed to flow through pathways in human body. Acupuncture involves a number of procedures involving stimulation of anatomical locations in the skin.

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