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Infertility is ďa disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. This is a major problem faced by many women especially in Urban areas.

Infertility may have profound psychological effects. Partners may become more anxious to conceive, increasing sexual dysfunction thus leading to marital discord often develops in infertile couples. The cause of infertility may be difficult to determine but may include inadequate levels of certain hormones in both men and women, and trouble with ovulation in women.

Many treatments significantly improve the chances of getting pregnant. They include hormone treatments, fertility drugs and surgery. In addition, assisted reproduction uses various medical techniques to fertilize an egg.

35 years, Female. Patient with primary Infertility complaint. Doctors had advised for Donor.


Very low AMH count. Previously Failed IVF.


Body-HO, Function-HE,System of abdomen NE,Reproductive system NO,ovaries HO,HE Tonification,NE Tonification,HO sedation,NO sedation,K3 K7 Tonification,Bilateral


After thorough Treatment & medication the female was able to Conceive Naturally as AMH count rose to 1.8 to 4.33. There was no need for Donor as the patient was able to conceive using her own follicle.

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