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Acushastra is a center for holistic and integrative health through the ancient science of Acupuncture, based in Mumbai.

Established by Jasmine Modi, Acushastra is a 21 year old establishment that has so far helped thousands of people in tackling their chronic health issues. Urban lifestyle and stress create an imbalance that lead to physical as well as mental ailments.

To bring us back to the innate state of harmony, Acushastra conducts various short term programs for any layman who wants to create harmony between mind, body and soul. The philosophy of Acushastra is to use Acupuncture more as preventive science than as curative one.

Courses / Seminars / Lectures are conducted on various subjects like:-


A Korean type of Acupuncture in which small ailments like headache, back pain, constipation, eye, nose, ear disorder, joint pains, Diabetes, blood pressure and thousands of ailments can be treated on your hand and foot using simple modalities like seeds, color, magnets, pressure etc. there are various levels in this course.


Based of 5 element theory. It advocates the principle of eating according to the constitution of the patient, seasons, geographic area etc.

Floral Remedies

This course believes in the theory of opening your emotional blockages with the help of Dr. Bachís flower remedies on Acupuncture points.


Itís a palliative treatment in Acupuncture where we can remove blockages in energy flows, helps in muscular pain, digestive disorders. Etc. generally cupping helps in improving your general health, immunity and vitality.

Auricular Acupuncture

Again a course for lay may you can learn to treat disorders in body by stimulating points on ear.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

This course is strictly for Acupuncturist. In cosmetic Acupuncture, you learn to do face lifts, contouring, collagen productions and many more.

Group Bookings

The course structure, duration, location and other details can be mutually decided based on discussions.