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acu-jm_sujok-hand-footSujok Acupuncture is originated by a Korean Prof Dr. Park Jae Woo. ‘Su‘ means hands and ‘Jok‘ means Foot. Hands and feet by anatomical structure manifest the most likeness to the human body. This similarity makes it possible to realise that entire body part and internal organs also can be represented in hands and foot. Points on hand and foot act as remote control and cure disorders anywhere in the body. Sujok Acupuncture is a vast science in which we may begin just by treating correspondence level with the help of colours, seeds, magnet and needles to chakra and meridian energy balancing using the concept of 5 elements namely wood , fire, earth, metal and water or through Six energies like wind, heat, hotness, humidity, dryness and coldness . The most advanced level in Sujok is Triorigin which includes balancing of 4 energies namely Neuto, Hetro, Homo and Neutro. And Time Acupuncture. There are various modes through which treatment can be given like for beginners seeds, colour therapy and magnets gives good results, but advance level treatment are given by puncturing tiny needles on your palms and foot.