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History of Acupunture

The popular explanation offered for the discovery of acupuncture is a story of a warrior wounded by an arrow. The arrow was removed and the wound healed. Then it was observed that his disease in any unrelated part of the body was cured. An arrow in the foot releaved headache, The cause & effect relationship was worked out by observant physicians between the punctured points and the disease it cured and ultimately series of points were charted. In ancient times in china, acupuncture was practiced as a preventive science than a curative science. Medical diagnosis at that time was based on pulse diagnosis. The duty of the doctor was to advise patient to keep themselves fit. Acupuncturist were paid under a national health scheme & if a patient fell ill, payment was stopped. People went regularly to acupuncturist not only to get well but to stay well. †A curious custom was established during this time. The doctor was compelled to hang lantern over his front door, if his patient died unnaturally. Thus, any passerby could judge the doctors capabilities from the no of lanterns hanged outside the door.

The first documentation of an ďorganized system of diagnosis and treatmentĒ for acupuncture was in The Yellow Emperorís Classic of Internal Medicine from about 100 BC.However Research has revealed the existence of acupuncture †treatment in Indus Valley in India during the Stone Age. In India, it was known as SOCHEE SHASTRA & its refrence can be found in ancient scriptures & Vedas which is 400 BC. There are clear indications that acupuncture traveled from India through Nepal to china where it was preserved and nourished since ancient times.