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Ear Acupuncture


Ear Acupuncture known as Auricular therapy is a therapeutic intervention in which stimulation of the auricle of the external ear is utilized to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body. In auricular acupuncture the insertion of needle is performed on the ear which contains a myriad of important and potentially therapeutic acupuncture points. An auricular acupuncturist is familiar with roughly 200 acupuncture points that exist in the outer ear. It should be noted that acupuncture needles are never inserted into the auditory canal. Acupuncturistís work space is the auricle or fleshy cartilage of the outer ear also called the pinna. The acupoints found in the outer ear corresponds to other locations in the body. By stimulating these points the needle sends electrical impulse messages to the brain which stimulates areas of the body. In this way auricular acupuncture can relieve pain in the joints, muscle, stimulate the organs and brain and achieve a number of other therapeutic effect for the patient. The outer ear is thought to be a particularly rich source of these points. In more westernized style of auricular acupuncture electro acupunctoscope, an electrical tool is used by acupuncturist to both locate and stimulate points †on the outer ear. The acupunctoscope replaces the use of inserted needles with electrical impulse and is thought to be equally effective.

Although everyone is aware of its effective method of treating ailments, perhaps they are less familiar with the power of ear as diagnostic tool for the detection of existing illness, be it musculoskeletal, organ related or even emotional in nature.

Auricular acupuncture is thought to be effective in treating mental / emotional disturbance including anxiety, depression, insomnia also used for arthritis, back pain, Migraine, Migraine, tendonitis, sciatica pain etc, digestive problems, Respiratory problems, Obesity, addictions, infertility etc.

The fascinating feature of auricular medicine, a direct product of the reflexive nature of the ear as a micro system provides valuable medical insight into the health of the whole person. Thus not only are diagnosis and treatment accomplished through ear acupuncture but also numerous health diseases can be prevented through the discernment of the pathology appearing on the surface of the auricle when it is correctly detected and correspondingly treated.