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acu-jm_chi-symbolAcupuncture is a traditional Chinese art of healing i.e treating disease by pricking needles on the body surface. In latin Acu means needles & Puncture means to prick.According to acupuncture, there are 14 channels termed as meridians in our body. There is continuous flow of energy called CHI. YIN & YANG are the two aspect of the Chi. Chi is one but has two polarities i.e Positive & Negative. In a normal person these two factors are in balance. Whenever there is obstruction to the flow of energy or when there is deficiency or excess of energy in an organ or if there is imbalance between Yin & Yang, then the person suffers from an ailment. By acupuncture needling, the obstruction or imbalance is corrected. There are many Acupoints or electrically active points on the body surface through which energy exchange happens.After reaching the diagnosis 10 12 points are selected for treatment and very thin , small needles are inserted at this points. Needles are withdrawn after 20 minutes.

Acupuncture procedure first starts with diagnosis. The main methods of diagnosis by the acupuncturist are :

  • Looking- gait, skin, hair, behavior, etc
  • Listening to heart, breathing, voice, etc.
  • Asking history of disorder, sleep pattern, bowel habit.
  • Palpating points on the channel.
  • Pulse diagnosis.
  • Tongue.
  • Examining the Ear.