About Rains and Dampness

In the months of June, July and August, there is a sudden change in our health condition. Our body systems start feeling moist and damp. We start developing a runny nose, allergies, irregular digestion etc. We start suffering through cough and cold.

Why is it so? Have we ever thought why does this occur?

Here’s why.

The dampness in the rains produces allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), irritants, toxic substances etc. The dampness can occur in our head, face and chest but also can appear in our middle and lower body, most often originating with our digestion. The dampness in the body easily breaks the efficient flow of qi (energies) resulting in some serious health problems, most commonly appearing as liquid congestion or seasonal allergies.

The feelings of heaviness, low appetite, nausea, edema, loose stools, and feeling spaced out, headaches, the list can be endless. Dampness affects the digestion and when left without any kind of treatment it can cause a gush of emotional symptoms that are heavy, sticky and severe burden creating effects on an individual’s health.

Emotional imbalances are some of the underlining effects. Some of which are feelings of worry, jealousy, or holding on to something. The constant feeling of uneasiness and heavy mindedness is common. Dampness in the environment feels wet, cold, and overboard. Dampness in the body feels heavy, sore and “boggling”. When the energies are not very strong, our systems cannot clear out the sticky fluids correctly and these fluids eventually build up and turn damp. Chronic Dampness becomes pathological and it should be addressed as soon as it occurs.

But, how can one figure that their body consists of excess dampness?

  • If their diet contains Alcohol, dairy, fried, sugary, starchy foods etc.
  • The one who regularly overeats or eat late at night is a target of dampness
  • Anyone who tends to worry or overthink, work long hours without rest.
  • Lack of exercise in daily routine

Apart from the above personality and routine traits, the environment has a chronic role to play. In the rains we start feeling extreme about any give situation, it happens because the vibes in the environment affect our day to day being. Dampness affects the Spleen (digestion) and when left untreated can cause a cascade of emotional symptoms that are heavy, burdensome and sticky, like damp it. Or feeling foggy and bogged down by repetitive thoughts can also be present. These thoughts, in return, can contribute to Dampness.

Chronic Dampness becomes pathological and needs to be addressed. In order to find a good cure, acupuncturists, differentiate between cause and effect and look for the internal and external factors which may lead a person to feel unwell. If it’s acute stomach flu, we treat this as external dampness. But if someone presents with chronic joint pain, the investigation into diet, environment and lifestyle play an important part in healing.

The signs of Dampness show up when there’s imbalance. Your body knows how to find its way back to center with the right tweak of your diet and a close look at exercise and the environment. Visit us if you ever have to cure such issues.

Now that we know dampness affects us so much, let’s take a step forward toward it, at Acushastra, we have a proper holistic approach to deal with these problems that we face. We make sure that each factor is taken into consideration (whether internal or external) and given specific attention to various body types. We believe that if one does what he does with complete faith, we can together create a healthy tomorrow.

About Jasmine Modi

A Ph.D. holder and a gold medalist in oriental medicine, Jasmine Modi is a leading acupuncturist practicing for 25yrs in Mumbai India, as a founder Director of Acushastra Private Limited which owns and operates a holistic health center.

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